Medicare Mapper

We decoded the 2011 Hospital Services Area File, tied it to geographic data and put it on a map. With Medicare Mapper, you have a simple interface with some intuitive tools to visualize the data that has been locked up in text files, spreadsheets, and if you're lucky, a static map.

We did this so you wouldn't have to.



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Data Sources

Obviously, an app like this uses some data. Lots of it. We'd like to acknowledge our contributors:

Medicare Mapper

Medicare Mapper incorporates the national Hospital Service Area data file provided by CMS to show where Medicare services were provided and consumed in 2011.

As a consumer of services, you can see where people went for services. As a provider of services, you can see which ZIP code your patients came from, and the relative amounts of services they received.

The iPad App

Use Medicare Mapper to see the distribution of Medicare funds across the nation by ZIP code ...

... or where residents choose to seek medical care ...

... or the effective service area of a provider ...

... or do the same things while comparing two different ZIP codes ...

... and more

Some Quick Factoids

  • $631,202,926,283 worth of services were reimbursed by Medicare in the United States
  • The average cost per case of Medicare services in the nation was $41,916
  • The top four ZIP codes that received Medicare services in the country (by total cost) were in New Jersey,
    for a total cost of $1,745,429,524   -  the fifth ZIP code was in Pennsylvania
  • The top five facilities provided Medicare services totaling $14,376,953,228
  • There were 6,087 unique providers
  • There were 39,060 unique ZIP codes
  • $13,029,575,382 contained in 57,586 data records was not represented in the map because the ZIP code polygon was not available